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We are
Graphic Designers
on a mission

to ascend your brand
to new heights.

Great graphic design is more than just making your brand look beautiful. It’s about communication and problem solving. It's about understanding your customer's needs in order to discover and share solutions that will positively effect their lives. It's about building trust; an authentic brand culture that your customers yearn to be a part of.

That’s where we come in.

Who We Are
DCdesignsolutions is a team of passionate and talented creative professionals centrally located in Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania – about 1.5 hours outside of Philadelphia. Founded in 2008, DCdesignsolutions has been elevating brands out of market black holes through memorable visual encounters for over 10 years.

How do we do it? Through bold design strategy, impeccable vision, and a willingness to learn. We seek to understand in order to communicate with clarity through engaging Graphic Design, Website Design, Print & Digital Ad Campaigns, Social Media, and more. We constantly look to challenge ourselves – and our clients – to think differently in order to deliver the unexpected. Because in the unexpected is where lasting impressions are made.
Our Specialties
Logo Design and Brand Building - Reading, PA
Logo Design
& Brand Building
Responsive Website Design and User Experience - Reading PA
Responsive Website
UI/UX Design
Catalog, Whitepaper, Brochure Design - Reading, PA
Catalog, Whitepaper
& Brochure Design
Social Media, Print, Digital Ad Campaign Design - Reading, PA
Social Media, Print
& Digital Ad Campaigns

Logo Design + Brand Building

A logo is the frontline of your business. It should be iconic, versatile, timeless, simple, and most importantly, tell your story effectively. The creators at DCdesignsolutions have years upon years of experience creating logo marks for brands and businesses from a wide range of industries and backgrounds. Whether you are a startup looking to begin on the right foot, or a seasoned business looking to reinvent your brand image, it all starts and ends with your logo. It's that important! What is your logo saying about your business?

Responsive Website Design

In todays ever changing digital landscape, it's so critical that your online presense is communicating effectively – on every internet connected device! A pretty design with bright colors and nice photography is no longer enough. Businesses need to implement a robust user-experience (UX) strategy that reduces friction, solves problems and leads the user (your customer) towards a unified goal.

DCdesignsolutions' graphic designers and web development resources will help your business reach its goals through a successful online brand strategy.

Catalog, Whitepaper + Brochure Design

Traditional media still works – if it's done correctly! With print media, content is the shooting star and design is the energy that takes your brand to amazing new heights. It's all about demanding attention in the eyes of your target market. If you are going to invest in traditional media, such as postcards, mail campaigns, brochures, and whitepapers, make sure the message is clear, the design is impeccable and cohesive, and the call to action is self evident.

DCdesignsolutions will provide valuable design and content support to help take your print media to the next level.

Social Media, Print + Digital Marketing Campaigns

With successful marketing, it's all about brand consistency across all touchpoints. If your website looks completely different than your advertisements, client trust will falter. If your pay-per-click campaigns lead to landing pages that are not relevant, your ROI will suffer. It all starts with developing a clear, effective strategy that is in line with your campaign goals. From there, each touchpoint within your campaign (i.e. click-through banner ad, boosted social media post, web landing page, prochure mailer, etc) must communicate with clarity, leading your customer down a journey that concludes with them taking decisive action.

DCdesignsolutions will work with you hand-in-hand in developing and implementing marketing strategies that will improve ROI, increase brand awareness, and elevate your brand to new heights.

Our Recent Creations
Website Design and Development - Reading PA

Responsive Web Design & Development

Industry: Nationwide B2B Hospitality Furniture Wholesaler
Website Design and Development - Reading PA

Responsive Web Design & Development

Industry: Residential & Commercial Restoration/Construction
Website Design and Development - Reading PA

Logo Design & Responsive Web Design & Development

Industry: Sports Camps and Athlete Development
Website Design and Development - Reading PA

Responsive Web Design & Development

Industry: Politics & History
Website Design and Development - Reading PA

Logo Design & Responsive Web Design & Development

Industry: Nationwide B2B Service
Magazine Design - Reading PA

e-Magazine Layout & Design

Industry: Temporary Furnishings for Residential, Commercial & Home Staging
Web Design and Development - Reading, PA

Responsive Landing Page Design

Industry: B2B/B2C Furniture Rental Solutions
Whitepaper Page Layout and Infographic Design

Custom Whitepaper Design

Industry: B2B Healthcare
Web Design and Development - Reading PA

Logo Design & Responsive Web Design & Development

Industry: B2B Disability Insurance & Claim Administration
Web Design and Development - Reading PA

Brochure Self-Mailer

Industry: Commercial & Private Insurance
Web Design and Development - Reading PA

Responsive Ecommerce Web Design

Industry: Retail, Fashion Boutique for Women
Magazine Design - Reading PA

e-Magazine Layout & Design

Industry: Special Event & Corporate Planners
Custom Product Catalog Design - Reading PA

Product Catalog Design

Industry: B2B Furniture Rental
Logo and Website Design and Development - Reading PA

Logo Design, Responsive Web Design & Development

Industry: Non-Profit
“Professional, Responsive, Creative, Competitive Design Rates and On-time Deliverables are a few of the thoughts and words that come to mind when FastTrack thinks about our website redesign project completed by our partners at DCdesignsolutions – take a look at the finished product (www.FastTrackRTW.com). Not often in today’s business environment does your partner exceed your expectations.”

Frank Weichmann, CIO & Cofounder of FastTrack RTW Services & Solutions
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